Pocket Prayer Shawls

Included in the Hope & Hugs Home Box is a pocket prayer shawl. A pocket prayer shawl is typically given to someone that might need extra comfort, a prayer or a feeling that they are not all alone.

The little hand-made creations are just a few inches long, soft to the touch and comforting to hold. They are made to stick in a pocket, put in a helmet or in a handbag, always kept close at hand. These are given to friends and strangers alike, some organizations send them to soldiers (must be made with natural yarns) and church groups hand them out to those in need.

Several people have been making the ones shown here, each one created with love and prayer. The card shown is included with each piece.


Knitter or crocheter? Consider making a few to hand out to those who can use some extra comfort. We will be happy to send a few Prayer Shawl cards to include with the ones you give out. Email for more information on receiving the cards.