Send a Gift of Hugs

Hugs Across the Miles is our theme and sending one of our gifts boxes will do just that, send a hug across the miles to someone special. Each box that leaves our facility contains an awareness bracelet that has the word hugs repeated across the band with the word hope included once.

  • Appointment Tote: Filled with items that will make those medical visits a little easier, including  our signature item — a medical journal to keep track of all medical notes and information; tote bag with nooks and crannies to tuck in all your essentials; water bottle; a Hugs awareness band; zippered pouch with drugstore sundries; a puzzle book; a pocket angel to travel along the journey and the Whacky Kathy doll to take out all of life’s frustrations. There are numerous other goodies tucked in the pockets that are chosen especially for the recipient. For more information or to order, visit the Hope & Hugs shop.
  • At Home Box: Filled with items that are helpful to have at home, including a covered logo tea or coffee mug which will soon be come a favorite; teas/cocoas; a special delectable treat; a Hope & Hugs rice bag to help soothe aches and pains; pashmina scarf or lap afghan to cover up from chills; coloring book with pencils, small jig-saw puzzle; and a pocket prayer shawl.
  • The Personal Box: The third box will be filled with more feel good items, this will be a personalized box that includes a very soft t-shirt; hand-made hat for chemo patients; and other special items that are guaranteed to surprise and delight the recipient.