Why Hope & Hugs?

Why Hope & Hugs?

The idea for Hope and Hugs started a while back, but the light bulb went off right before the Christmas holidays. My daughter was struggling with cancer, Leiomyosarcoma to be exact, and was in the hospital.  Christmas shopping had not been done yet and I decided to do subscription boxes for the family. Subscription box shopping was a blast, but couldn’t find anything that I thought would be perfect for her.

Flashing back to when she was first diagnosed, dozens of friends from around the country would message me and ask what could they do for us or what could they send her. Believe me when I say she loves everything she has been sent, but there are only so many flowers she can have in the house at one time and she also has enough lotions to fill a swimming pool. All are very appreciated, but when battling a long-time illness, there has to be another option.

Add in the fact that Leiomyosarcoma is a rare cancer that gets little attention or funding and I knew what I had to do.

Come up with a gift that people could send to friends or acquaintances who may be battling a chronic illness and raise funds for cancers and other diseases. Every penny of profit will be donated to charity. Every single penny!

The three month subscription boxes can be sent to anyone battling an illness, be it heart disease, cancer, MS, anything.  There is a standard for each box, but hand-curated items are added to each box depending on the person receiving it.

Some individual items can be ordered and sent as gifts, but at this time, the majority of items are only available through the subscription boxes.