About Hope & Hugs

If you know of someone undergoing continual medical treatments — it doesn’t matter what the illness is, there are certain things that help both the patient and caregiver.
We hope that Hope & Hugs can help bring a smile to their face. Check out the gifts you can send, the gifts you can make and the resources that can be found on this site.

Send a Hug!

Hope & Hugs Travel Tote

This handy tote bag is a perfect gift to send to a friend or relative going through treatments, no matter what medical journey they are on.

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Slay the Dragon T-Shirt

Cancer is often called the Dragon. Cancer fighters need to slay that dragon! Inspire your cancer fighters with this shirt to keep slaying the dragons. All proceeds from the purchase of this shirt go directly to Leiomyosarcoma research. Check out the hoodies, tanks and other styles with this design.

Note: Please check sizing chart when ordering women shirts, the sizes run small.

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And the list goes on . .

What list you ask? The list of people who have volunteered to help, create and spread the word about Hope and Hugs. The past few days, several families have offered to help craft goodies to be inserted into the Hope and Hugs boxes. The purpose behind this page and the...

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The Nitty Gritty

The idea behind all this came about when Susan was struggling with chemo and operations, I had numerous requests from people across the country -- they all wanted to know "what can we send her"? Or how can we help. Flowers are perfect, but if you're not feeling well,...

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Port Pillow Project

At Hope and Hugs we want to offer another small gift to cancer patients with chemo ports. Our elves have been busy sewing up little pillows to help cushion your port when riding in the car. A seat belt can be quite the irritant against a port and we really don’t want you tucking the seat belt behind you!

If you are a cancer patient or caring for a patient that would like one of these hand-crafted pillows — just let us know by sending us an email.

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