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Why us? Why not is what I’ve always said.

Why can’t we help raise money for a cancer that gets little funding or research dollars because to few people are diagnosed. After years of helping raise monies and donating thousands of hours of time to deserving organizations, it was time to help raise money for a cause that is close to our family’s heart, Leiomyosarcoma research.

After mentioning the idea to my army of friends and family, so many wanted to be on board. I wasn’t expecting that. Artists have donated their products, craftswomen have volunteered their talents to create lovely gifts, friends have helped with stuffing, cutting, pasting, stamping and sticking. If it needs to be done, all I have to do is mention and someone steps in to help. All with the idea of raising monies for rare cancers research.

Every penny of profits will go to cancer research. All work and administrative hours, as well as all overhead costs are donated. The only cost is the actual price we’ve paid for some of the items included in the gift box and best of all, some of the items are donated!