the Port Pillow Project

Anyone on the cancer journey has learned that it’s the little things that count. An extra hug, a prepared meal when one can’t face the idea of trying to cook, a cozy pair of socks to wear or even just an extra few words when someone let’s you know they haven’t forgotten you.

At Hope and Hugs we want to offer another small gift to cancer patients with chemo ports. Our elves have been busy sewing up little pillows to help cushion your port when riding in the car. A seat belt can be quite the irritant against a port and we really don’t want you tucking the seat belt behind you!

If you are a cancer patient or caring for a patient that would like one of these hand-crafted pillows — just let us know by filling in the form and sending it in.

Since everyone loves surprises, a few other little goodies will be tucked in the package with the pillow, including a Defy Statistics awareness bracelet.

This is a free gift from us to you with the hopes it will bring a smile to your face and little comfort on the next car ride.
Send for one now!