I am really delighted with the two drinking products we are able to include in the boxes. A lot of time was spent finding the right piece, for the right price and being sure it was something we would want in our own homes.

The Hope and Hugs on-the-go tumbler is BPA free, double-walled and holds 14 oz of liquid.

Each travel tote box comes with one tucked into a side pocket. Logo is a simple light grey, single color logo with the black top. Although they are not guaranteed to be dishwasher safe, I put mine in all the time on the top rack.

These will be available to purchase separately at the cost of $9.99 plus shipping, with $5. of the price going to cancer research.
Mugs and Tumblers
Now let me tell you about the mug — not sure I can relate just how excited I am about this piece. Years ago I received a promotional mug from a company I worked for at the time. I put it in the cabinet and didn’t use it for a few years. I always liked my tea in heavy ceramic mugs. One day, probably when dishes needed to be washed, I reached in and grabbed the promotional mug. I was like .. why on earth have I not been using it this all along? I love the way it feels in hand. The curved lid is great to drink from, just feels comfortable, if that makes sense. And even better — the Hope and Hugs mug comes with a lid! Perfect for when you want to grab that cup of tea and take it with you.

Dishwasher and microwave safe are music to my ears — I wash mine in the dishwasher every single day and have for several years now. It’s beginning to show a little crazing, but remember its been dishwasher washed for probably close to a thousand times.

This mug will also be available to purchase separately at the cost of $19.99 with $7.50 going to cancer research.