About Hope & Hugs

If you know of someone undergoing continual medical treatments — it doesn’t matter what the illness is, there are certain things that help both the patient and caregiver.
We hope that Hope & Hugs can help bring a smile to their face. Check out  the gifts you can make and the resources that can be found on this site.

This handy tote bag is a perfect gift to send to a friend or relative going through treatments, no matter what medical journey they are on.

Slay the Dragon T-Shirt

Cancer is often called the Dragon. Cancer fighters need to slay that dragon! Inspire your cancer fighters with this shirt to keep slaying the dragons. All proceeds from the purchase of this shirt go directly to Leiomyosarcoma research. Check out the hoodies, tanks and other styles with this design.

Note: Please check sizing chart when ordering women shirts, the sizes run small.

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Please Don’t say “Just let me know”!

Please Don’t say “Just let me know”! It’s happens all too often. A diagnosis of cancer for a friend or family member and the world stands still. Little things outside don’t matter anymore. Really who cares about the latest scores, news or even weather? Unless it...

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Port Pillow Project

Is your chemo port getting irritated when riding in the car? The Hope and Hugs Port Pillow Project hopes to help with that problem with our chemo port cushions. Best of all they are free to cancer patients as long as supplies last. read more

Cranky Chemo Shirt

A little humor is sometimes needed to offset the reactions from the chemo cocktail given to patients. In my daughter's case, the combination of drugs made her cranky. This shirt is in her honor, as she would warn us that this was her Cranky Chemo Day! The shirt is a...

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No movable parts, no batteries to wear out, no periodic checkups, low energy consumption, high energy yield, inflation-proof, no monthly payments, no insurance requirements, theft-proof, non-taxable, non polluting and of course, full returnable. Hugging is healthy. It...

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Hope & Hugs at Home Box

A box full of care (and fun!) for those who are spending time recuperating at home or just need a little extra TLC. If you've ever had to spend extended time at home recuperating from an illness, surgery or even treatments, you know how much the little things count....

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Port Pillow Project

At Hope and Hugs we want to offer another small gift to cancer patients with chemo ports. Our elves have been busy sewing up little pillows to help cushion your port when riding in the car. A seat belt can be quite the irritant against a port and we really don’t want you tucking the seat belt behind you!

If you are a cancer patient or caring for a patient that would like one of these hand-crafted pillows — just let us know by sending us an email.

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